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Mood Theme | Glee: Kurt & Blaine

OMG...I made a mood theme!  It's been a while since I've done so.  And this time it's animated!  OMG!  I have FAR too much free time on my hands apparently.  (someone hire me before i go completely insane!!!)

Title: Mood Theme | Glee: Kurt & Blaine
Fandom: Glee
Spoilers: up to s02 ep 20 "Prom Queen." 
Disclaimer: Glee © Fox Productions 
Warning: there is some boykissing in these...if that bothers you, kindly GTFO.

the images aren't perfect...I didn't notice until I uploaded them to my own LJ that the transparent corner I was going for didn't exactly make it to all the images despite me doing the exact same thing when I made each one... but *shrug*  I didn't exactly feel like going back through 132 files to see which ones were messed up...so hopefully it doesn't bother people too much? 

The animations are all from season 2...except for one, which is from early season one (sick). And some animations might not exactly fit the mood they're supposed to depict... It's not like you see these kids lying around or anything like that XD I think most of them fit though :)  Who knows, I may end up updating the images once season two officially ends.  Need to see what happens in the next couple of episodes :)

Small Preview:


Bigger Preview and file download behind cut



Installation Instructions:

1. Download the file containing all the moodtheme icons HERE (if the file expires or doesn't work...let me know and I'll either reupload it or upload elsewhere)

2. Upload all your pictures to a hosting site, like Photobucket or something similar. Don’t change any of the mood filenames! If you place them in a folder, make sure that there are no spaces in the folder name.

3. Go to the LiveJournal ADMIN CONSOLE HERE. Enter in the textbox (exactly as you see here): moodtheme_create klaine-s2-jlneveloff klaine-s2-jlneveloff

Click ‘execute.’

4. Copy down the number it gives you when moodtheme is created.

5. Open the adminconsolecodes.txt file, which is included in the zip file. For every '123456', change it to the number you got when you created the moodtheme using the "replace all" feature under "edit"

Also, change all 'http://www.hosting.com/mood.jpg' to the place where you uploaded your files.
So you don’t have to copy and paste it 132 times (literally!), using the 'replace all’ function in Notepad.

AND CHANGE ALL .jpg TO .gif   (I forgot to do so in the file i included in the .zip file >_>) 

6. Copy the codes into the Admin Console and click ‘execute’.

7. Go to your Customize Journal Style page and choose the "klaine-s2-jlneveloff' theme at the bottom of your moodtheme list.

NOTE: You may have to manually change the 'accomplished' icon under the 'edit' option for the mood theme.  It may end up inheriting from 'working'... I can't figure out why  the admin console doesn't get that one right...

If you have any questions about uploading, let me know and I'll attempt to answer them :) 

+++Please credit [info]jlneveloff if used (such as in profile)
+++Comments are appreciated. =|:^) 
+++No hotlinking


Tags: art: mood themes, ships: kurt/blaine, tv shows: glee
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