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OMG! Klaine!! WTF are you doing to me?!

I am not a sap... I'm really not... But, GOD...these two!!   I see a two minute clip and I am a complete puddle of goo......sitting here in my computer with rainbow hearts in my eyes, grinning like a madwoman... OMG...they are SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!!!  I rewatched it so many times I lost count....

I heard the songs for the next episode and was in awe of Chris Colfer's rendition of As If We Never Said Goodbye from Sunset Boulevard and honestly, could have survived until Tuesday for the episode as long as I could put that song on endless repeat because OMG, he has NEVER EVER sounded better....and I hear the performance of the song is just as awesome if not better. :O

And I was thrilled when I heard that Chris Colfer had made it into Time Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential People of 2011....and he sold a pilot script to the Disney Channel....  not to mention that he already wrote a screenplay for an independent movie that he will star in and is producing....  I was feeling all kinds of older sisterly feelings of pride     and I don't even know him.....  And he's not even 21 yet O_O  (he's making me feel like a slacker...except in my case the world is working against me....)

Then they had to go and release the clip of the performance of the song Somewhere Only We Know...the goodbye song from Blaine and the Pips Warblers.....and I'm gone....I am ...

Here's the video....click if you dare....or not.  I don't care.  I am completely in my blissful Klaine bubble...nothing else can touch me right now...

I don't care what people say, I don't care about all the flaws the show has, I don't care how cheesy it can be at times...I freaking love Glee... I freaking LOVE Kurt and Blaine... ^_^
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