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Fic: Chasing All Our Dreams... | Chapter Two


Author: jlneveloff (daysofsilence at tumblr)
Fandom: Glee
Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance, AU, Future Fic
Characters/Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, Rachel, Santana, Tina, Cooper, Isabelle Wright (with potential plans for others to appear such as Artie, Finn and Burt)
Beta: slwmtiondaylite (tumblr)
Rating: up to NC-17 (each chapter is individually rated)
Spoilers: everything through season 4 is fair game
Warnings: Language, explicit sexual situations, effeminophobia, homophobia, roommates who say offensive things, and the potential for the occasional plot hole...and angst...
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. Sadly.

Summary: While Kurt still struggled to make it onto Broadway, Blaine followed his brother's footsteps to the silver screen. When Kurt receives an opportunity he didn't expect, he's torn between easy success and where his heart truly lies. Blaine learns the hard way that success in Hollywood can sometimes mean becoming a pawn in the plans of more powerful people and that it can come with an unexpected price...

Chapter Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual situations
Chapter Word Count: 8913

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Chasing All Our Dreams...
Chapter Two

Kurt let out a long relaxed breath. Both he and Blaine were alone. Blissfully alone. No Rachel running through her vocal scales in the background, her voice growing more shrill the higher she went. No Santana yelling at her to keep it quiet, turning up the volume of her own music to drown out Rachel. The only other sounds in the apartment came from the television, where Blaine had turned on a romantic comedy movie.

Kurt wasn’t sure what movie it was. No matter how hard he tried, his mind couldn’t focus on the story playing out on the screen. He was sure it was the typical romantic comedy plot though, even if he was fuzzy on the details. The only thing he had managed to make out for sure was that a man, as ruggedly handsome as the formulaic casting called for, spent the movie failing in his attempts to woo Sandra Bullock. But he’d win her heart in the end regardless; of that, Kurt had no doubt.

But despite his love for the clichéd film genre, Kurt didn’t care about this particular film. Not right now anyway. At the moment, he only cared about the rise and fall of the chest underneath his cheek. He nestled closer to Blaine, wrapping an arm around his waist. Blaine tightened his arm around Kurt’s shoulder. Kurt tilted his head up, focusing his eyes on the line of Blaine’s jaw, dotted with the beginnings of stubble. Blaine’s eyes were riveted to the television. Kurt sighed.

Their first night alone in a long time and Blaine wanted to spend it watching a movie. Rachel and Santana had gone out for a night on the town, doing who knew what; Kurt had no plans to ask for details. But their time alone was limited. And Kurt had other things he wanted to do with Blaine that didn’t include watching a movie. Something involving significantly less clothing and Blaine’s attention directed only on him.

Kurt parted his lips to press his mouth to Blaine’s neck in the hopes of diverting his attention.

But before Kurt’s lips could make contact with skin, Blaine sat up straighter, jostling Kurt. “Oh,” Blaine blurted, as though he just remembered something important. “I’ve got an audition in a couple of days. Nothing big. Just a commercial. But I wanted to let you know.”

Kurt stiffened. He pulled away from Blaine, leaning back against the couch next to him instead. Blaine’s sudden mention of auditions reminded Kurt of the results of his latest a few days ago. How badly it had gone despite what Kurt believed was a flawless audition. The reason for his snub falling on his personality off the stage rather than his presence on it. A sliver of remorse accompanied the pain of rejection. Kurt had been keeping the reasons why he’d been met with rejection after rejection a secret from Blaine. They told each other everything, never kept secrets. But Kurt knew that Blaine would end up feeling guilty that his own career had been going relatively better than Kurt’s. Kurt found the idea of comparing their careers to be ridiculous since he believed that whatever Blaine did or did not do had no bearing on Kurt’s own auditions.

Kurt had hoped his reaction was subtle enough not to elicit concern from Blaine but he looked at Kurt, concern in his eyes. Blaine shook his head. “What’s wrong?”

Kurt ignored the way Blaine studied him, his eyes taking in every movement he made, every gesture, every tick in Kurt’s face. Kurt couldn’t hide anything from him. Blaine knew him too well. But that didn’t stop Kurt from trying. He smiled at Blaine, hoping that it didn’t appear as awkward and forced as it felt. He tried to reassure him. “Nothing’s wrong.”

Blaine’s brows furrowed and he tilted his head. “Are you sure?”

Blaine didn’t believe him. Kurt hadn’t expected him to. The concern in Blaine’s eyes, the way he reached out to take Kurt’s hand in his own, thumb brushing over his knuckles, the tenderness of his voice, almost caused Kurt to spill everything. To open up and tell him about how his talk with the producer and her bigoted beliefs hurt. Blaine would offer comforting words, he’d tell Kurt that worrying over people who were so set in their ways wasn’t worth it. But whatever comfort Blaine offered or whatever he’d say wouldn’t make him feel better. It’d only be a temporary salve. So Kurt kept it to himself.

Kurt tightened his hold on Blaine’s hand, squeezing it. He grinned at him. “Yes,” he replied, his voice steady. “I am absolutely sure. Just as I am sure that you will ace your audition tomorrow.”

Kurt shifted to face Blaine. He rubbed his hand along Blaine’s chest, fingers tracing around his nipple, knowing full well the reaction it’d cause. Blaine sucked in a shuddery breath of air, eyes slipping closed. Kurt leaned closer to him and pressed his lips to Blaine’s neck. A soft moan escaped Blaine. “As much as I love talking shop, you do realize we are alone, right?” Kurt whispered against his throat. He slid his hand to the waistband of Blaine’s pants, his fingers lingering over the buckle. “Do we really want to waste what precious little time we have talking about auditions and watching movies? I’m pretty sure you promised me a makeout session with the possibility of it turning into more.”

To make sure his intentions and wants got through to Blaine, Kurt pressed the palm of his hand against Blaine’s cock. A strangled gasp tore from Blaine’s lips. Kurt smirked and made to move his hand from Blaine’s crotch but Blaine covered his hand with his own, pressing down to keep it in place.

Blaine nodded, movements jerky. “You’re right. I did,” he replied, his voice breathless.

Kurt squeezed his hand around Blaine’s growing erection. “We should probably get on that. Who knows how long we have.”

“Yeah.” Blaine moaned and reached up to grasp the back of Kurt’s head, his fingers threading in the short hairs at the nape of his neck. He tugged Kurt down for a kiss, their lips crashing together.

Kurt moaned into the kiss, eyes falling shut. It didn’t take long for him to need more. He was already so far gone. It’d been far too long. Kurt bit down on Blaine’s lower lip; Blaine gave a painful tug to Kurt’s hair. Kurt pressed his hands on Blaine’s chest, pushing him back to lay on the couch. Blaine groaned as Kurt settled over him, his body pressed along the length of Blaine’s.

Blaine moaned and grabbed Kurt’s hips, pulling him closer. Kurt rocked against Blaine, drawing a loud gasp from the both of them. It still wasn’t enough. Kurt needed to feel Blaine’s skin against his own. He tore his lips from Blaine’s and sat up, straddling him, his hands moving to the buttons on his shirt. Blaine pushed himself up the best he could under Kurt’s weight and tugged his polo shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor.

While Kurt attempted to focus on his shirt, fingers fumbling with the buttons, his body a bundle of nerves desperate for release, Blaine dropped his hands to Kurt’s belt buckle. Frustrated at his lack of coordination, Kurt abandoned his attempt to remove his shirt. He tugged Blaine back into a searing kiss, moaning against his lips. Blaine lowered the zipper on Kurt’s pants, relieving the pressure on Kurt’s straining cock. Blaine rubbed the palm of his hand against the front of Kurt’s underwear before he squeezed gently. Kurt whimpered and rocked into his touch.

Smiling, Blaine moved his lips from Kurt’s and kissed along his jaw, moving down Kurt’s throat. Kurt slid his hands down Blaine’s back, feeling the hard muscles flexing underneath his fingertips. Kurt tilted his head back, eyes closed, and lost himself in the feeling of being touched again. “Blaine,” he whispered.

“Well, well, well.” A voice, feminine, cut through the air. “Looks like we get a free show tonight, Berry.”

Both Kurt and Blaine jerked back, heads simultaneously snapping to the direction of the voice. Across from the sofa, sitting with legs and arms crossed and an amused smirk on her face, was Santana.

A growl tore from Kurt’s throat as the frustration welled up within him. Blaine grunted, dropping his forehead to Kurt’s shoulder. With reluctance, he pulled his hand away from Kurt’s cock and settled on his waist instead. They shifted, both uncomfortable, erections still straining within the confines of their pants. Kurt grumbled to himself. Why had they come home already? Had he and Blaine wasted too much time watching the movie still playing, forgotten in their lust? Kurt could feel the immediate yearning begin to fade from him. The unwanted appearance of Santana and Rachel had already begun to squelch any desire he had.

At the sound of Santana calling her name, Rachel rushed into the apartment, heels clacking against the wooden floor. It didn’t take her long to figure out why Santana had called her. She took one look at Kurt, his shirt half unbuttoned and hanging loose around him, still straddling a shirtless Blaine, who had his arms around Kurt’s waist, face buried in his shoulder. She gasped before giving a loud shriek. “Oh my God! We sit there!”

Kurt took the opportunity to glare at her. “And we sat on my vintage flea market chairs but that didn’t stop your ex from sitting his bare ass in them.”

Yes, that morning soon after Rachel asked her ex-boyfriend Brody to move in without consulting him still disturbed him.

Rachel rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. “That was years ago, Kurt. You can let go any day now.”

Blaine fell back against the couch, throwing an arm over his forehead. “You should know that’s never going to happen, Rachel,” he muttered.

Kurt glared at Rachel. “Do you know how hard it is to find quality authentic vintage chairs at flea markets?”

“No, but I’m sure you could tell me,” Rachel replied.

Kurt rolled his eyes in annoyance. He shifted his weight, trying to find a more comfortable position, which was difficult, all things considered. Underneath him, Blaine squeezed his eyes shut. He brought a fist to his mouth to stifle the moan that threatened to escape his lips as Kurt’s weight shifted on his still hard cock.

Blaine’s struggle to remain composed did not go unnoticed by Rachel. She took note of their heavy breathing, the state of undress for both of them, as though she had finally realized just how close she and Santana had been to interrupting them in the actual act. She averted her eyes. “Please tell me you have not had sex on the countertops. Or anywhere else we all use.”

Blaine shook his head. “Can’t say we’ve had that pleasure. Or any pleasure lately.” His voice was strained as he attempted to readjust underneath Kurt, trying to take the pressure off his cock. Unable to do so, he grabbed Kurt’s hips and pushed him back, scooting him off his hips and onto his thighs instead.

Rachel cringed and held her hands up in front of her face. “Okay. I’m going to bed now.”

Kurt gave her a tight smile, watching her flounce off to her partitioned section of the apartment with relief, jerking the curtains closed behind her. One down, one to go. Accepting that he and Blaine would not be having sex tonight, Kurt sighed and began to rebutton his shirt.

Santana made a sound of disappointment. “Aww, don’t stop on our account.” She grinned, a mischievous spark in her eyes. She leaned forward, propping her chin on her hand, elbow on her knee. “I’ve always been curious about how freaky Hummel actually is. Something tells me quite a bit.”

Kurt narrowed his eyes at her, daring her to continue.

“Do you have a sixth sense that tells you when we’re about to have sex so you can interrupt us?” Blaine asked.

“Never underestimate the power of her Psychic Mexican Third Eye,” Kurt replied, his eyes never leaving Santana.

Santana laughed and shrugged. “Hey, it’s not my fault you boys refuse to have sex whenever someone else is in the apartment.”

Kurt gave no reaction to her comment. She was right. They could alleviate much of his and Blaine’s sexual frustrations if they just had sex without caring who was in the apartment. But Kurt had never felt comfortable doing so. Having sex was intense and highly intimate for the both of them. The thought of someone intruding on the moment, intentional or not, made Kurt’s skin crawl.

Kurt reached down and zipped up his pants as best as he could, trying to ignore the way the tight fabric pressed against his cock. As annoyed and frustrated as he was, he was glad that the interruption came before Blaine had done more than unbutton his pants and press his hand against the front of his underwear. He hadn’t been exposed to the girls. He climbed off Blaine and settled on the cushion furthest from him. Blaine sat up and reached for his discarded shirt on the floor. He pulled it over his head before leaning back against the couch, arms over his chest.

Santana, who had been watching the two of them make themselves more presentable in silence, smiled. “You know, if you guys really want to have sex, you could just go down to the nearest Motel 6.”

Both Kurt and Blaine grimaced. A Motel 6? She couldn’t suggest a…classier place? Kurt would set his skin care routine back a month just by stepping foot in the motel closest to their apartment; clean facilities at that location were not high on the manager’s list of concerns from what Kurt had seen of it. Yes, Blaine and he had considered it. Once. But after seeing the place, they’d vetoed the idea and never brought it up again.

Kurt shook his head in response to Santana’s suggestion. It wasn’t going to happen. “We shouldn’t have to go somewhere else every time we want to have sex.”

“And normally I would agree with you,” Santana replied. She smirked—her smirk was quickly becoming one of Kurt’s least favorite things. “Last I checked, Kurt… You were the one who picked this place out. It’s not my fault you didn’t factor in any potential sexcapades with the future-mister here when you picked out a place that has no walls.”

Kurt opened his mouth to retaliate but found he could not. Santana was right. He had been the one who found this apartment when he first moved to New York City. And no, the ability to have sexual relations in private had not crossed his mind at the time.

With those final words, Santana stood up and walked to her partition, between Rachel’s and Kurt and Blaine’s. She turned towards them. “You know, if you really want to get your ya-ya’s out and continue this little… tryst, don’t let us stop you. Just remember to close the curtains. We’re all adults here, but I don’t wanna see it.”

The curtains rustled as they closed behind her. Kurt stared straight ahead, arms over his chest, legs crossed. His mood had dissipated. He knew there would be no way he’d feel comfortable making love with Blaine knowing both Rachel and Santana were just on the other side of the curtain and could hear everything they did.

Kurt could see Blaine watching him out of the corner of his eye. Blaine leaned over, closing the distance between them, and stated in a soft voice, “She kind of has a point. About the apartment. You did pick it out.”

Kurt turned on him, glaring. He did not need to be reminded again. “Shut up. You were the one who insisted we watch a movie beforehand instead of just doing it.”

“I was trying to set the mood,” Blaine said, attempting to defend himself.

Kurt knew it wasn’t fair to blame him—Blaine had no idea they’d be interrupted—but the frustration that had built up inside him caused him to lash out. He leaned closer to Blaine, keeping his arms crossed over his chest. His eyes narrowed. “Blaine,” he started, his voice low. “I am so wound up right now, that a simple glance from you would be all I need to put me in the mood.”

Blaine inhaled a sharp breath. The corner of his mouth quirked. He looked at Kurt with hooded eyes. He lifted a hand and caressed Kurt’s cheek before pressing his lips against his in a sweet kiss. Before Kurt could deepen it, Blaine pulled back far enough to whisper against his lips, his voice low. “I’ll keep that in mind for next time.”

“God, you are such a tease,” Kurt muttered, eyes slipping closed. The feeling of Blaine’s hand dancing across his skin, causing him to shiver with pleasure, his rough voice washing over him, becoming too much.

Blaine chuckled against him. He pressed a kiss to Kurt’s forehead and stood. Kurt forced his eyes open and watched him walk towards their bed, leaving him alone on the couch.

The next morning found Kurt alone in the kitchenette of their apartment preparing breakfast. Blaine had left earlier to a meeting with his agent about his upcoming audition. The girls still slept, not having anywhere they needed to be this morning. Kurt hadn’t been able to sleep, still wound up from last night’s interruption. After Blaine had gone back to their room—well, what counted as a room in this place—Kurt stayed on the couch for a while longer. He needed to cool down so he wouldn’t throw himself at Blaine but he also took the time to think. And he had thought all morning.

Perhaps it was time for a change in Blaine and Kurt’s life. Perhaps they did need to finally take the plunge and dive into everything head first. It had been part of their long term plans they had devised when they had gotten engaged in the first place. It had been something they had decided to do to appease Kurt’s father, who hadn’t been thrilled at them for getting engaged so young. Burt had known it was inevitable that the two of them would get married one day. He just didn’t want it to be rushed. Take things slow. They were still young.

But were they ready for it? Kurt wasn’t sure. But he knew that he and Blaine would work through it together as they always did. The problem was, pushing forward with this plan impacted more than just Kurt and Blaine. Despite wanting to move forward with Blaine, Kurt wanted to make sure there would be no negative effects on the others in their lives before even setting the plan in motion.

Kurt planned to talk to Blaine later about it. He wanted to make sure it was possible first.

So he waited for Santana and Rachel to wake up, passing the time by cooking them breakfast. He needed to focus on something other than the possibilities.

Soon, Kurt heard rustling behind the curtains, a soft beep of an alarm going off on Rachel’s side. Rachel exited her room first, followed soon by Santana. Bleary-eyed with sleep tousled hair, they both took a seat at the table. Kurt smiled at them in greeting before placing two plates in front of them, each custom-prepared for them, filled with their own personal favorites.

They looked at each other and then back at Kurt, puzzled expressions on their faces.

Kurt…may have spent more time than usual preparing breakfast in a premeditated attempt to appeal to them. He wasn’t sure how they’d react to his idea to be honest. They’d never discussed it with them.

“What’s going on?” Rachel asked, looking at the fork Kurt handed to her as though it was a two-headed serpent before taking it. “What is this?”

Kurt shrugged, handing silverware to Santana, who also looked at him as though he had been replaced with a pod-person. “This is breakfast. And nothing’s going on.”

“Okay. But why did you make us breakfast?” Rachel asked, not satisfied with his answer.

“What? I can’t do something nice for my roommates?” Kurt reached over and rubbed Rachel’s shoulder. He meant for it to be a simple gesture but it was too exaggerated. His voice also rose in pitch against his will, signaling that there was more to this than just a simple breakfast.

Santana gave him the same smirk she gave him last night. “Well, I know you’re not being nice because you got laid. My bed is like… six feet away from yours and I didn’t hear a single thing. But then I never do. You know, for the longest time, I thought that maybe you and Blaine were eunuchs or something.”—Kurt bristled and opened his mouth to retort but she kept going as though she hadn’t said anything offensive—“But then I remembered Shue’s bombed wedding and how you and Blaine couldn’t keep your hands off each other. And of course there was that time I accidentally saw Blaine in the shower and that definitely killed the eunuch theory. At least for him. Then again, most of your pants don’t leave much to the imagination so I guess you guys must be into some really weird shit or something.”

Kurt rolled his eyes. He pulled out a chair opposite her and sat down, crossing his arms. “You know, Santana, I don’t know whether or not to be flattered or incredibly creeped out by your apparent obsession with Blaine and my sex life.” He leaned forward and returned her sneer before adding, his voice low. “I mean, I know your love life has stalled recently but surely that’s no reason to become involved in mine.”

Santana’s eyes narrowed and her lips pursed. She leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms over her chest. “Fuck you, Hummel. I wouldn’t keep bringing it up if it didn’t make you squirm like a blushing virgin all the time. That shit’s hilarious.”

He glared. “I’ll have you know that—”

“Guys! Stop.” Rachel interrupted, holding her arms out as though she needed to keep them at bay so they wouldn’t jump across the table and have a go at one another. She looked from Kurt to Santana and back again. “You’re behaving like children.”

They both fall silent and looked away, not wanting to acknowledge her comment.

Rachel took a deep breath as though she needed to calm herself. She looked at Kurt. “Now, Kurt. What is going on?”

Kurt conceded. There was no need to pretend this was anything less than what it was. He might as well go ahead and broach the topic. “Fine. Now… this is about Blaine and me.”—Santana opened her mouth to comment but he held a hand out to stop her—”But not in the way you’re thinking.”

Exiting the taxi at the corner of the street, Blaine rushed to the entrance of the studio hosting his audition. He had spent the previous day going over the material he was expected to know for the audition. It wasn’t much. The audition was for a commercial—a car commercial no less; the focus would be on the vehicle rather than Blaine’s potential few seconds of screen time—but he wanted to be prepared. Blaine took pride in his professionalism. It valued and searched for by directors and producers. An actor who couldn’t be bothered to learn a couple of lines or show up on time wasn’t someone a respected director wanted on his or her set.

After Blaine entered the building, he approached the front desk and signed in. The woman told him that his name would be called when it was his turn. Blaine nodded in thanks and entered the waiting area. He sat in one of the many plastic chairs and looked around the room. The other potential actors and actresses were scattered about, all sitting alone, their attentions focused on their own mental preparations.

Blaine wasn’t concerned about whether or not he would get the part, truth be told. His agent had told him she scored him the audition, talking up the role as though it was the lead in a film or something, and before Blaine knew it, he had agreed to go. But despite his not needing nor particularly wanting the role as he had already experienced more success with guest roles as well as the independent film he shot last year, the pre-audition nerves had settled in his stomach. Blaine still wanted to do a good job. He could still use any potential connections that could be forged with the director and a bad audition would not do well to strengthen them.

Blaine took a deep breath to try and settle his nerves. He closed his eyes and tried to center himself. When he opened his eyes, he was met with a familiar face. He smiled. “Hey, Tay-Tay.”

Tina Cohen-Chang, his long-time friend from his high school days, approached him, returning his smile. She stopped in front of him and held out a coffee cup. “Morning, Blainey-days.”

Blaine took the cup from her with a grateful smile and she sat next to him. He opened the top of the cup and inhaled the aromatic scent before taking a sip. He couldn’t fight the moan from escaping as the coffee swirled around his mouth. “How did you know this was exactly what I needed?”

Tina laughed. “Because you get this every time you’re about to audition for something. Kurt told me you were in a rush this morning and didn’t have time to get it. Though I don’t get why this works. I can’t imagine it does anything else other than make you more jittery.”

“All I know is it works.” Blaine shrugged before taking another long sip. “So, how did your audition go?”

After careful deliberation and many discussions with her family and professionals, Tina had decided to pursue acting after high school. She declined the admission to the veterinary school she had as a backup and enrolled in a small acting school here in New York.

She avoided Blaine’s curious gaze. “Oh, um… I…don’t think I was what they’re looking for.”

“Too fabulous?” he asked, hoping to get her to crack a smile.

Instead, she grimaced and shook her head. “Too Asian.”

He cringed. “I’m sorry.”

She shrugged, attempting to blow the rejection off, but Blaine could tell that it bothered her. Nothing in this business was ever easy. Everyone had their own obstacles to climb to find success; some more challenging and difficult to overcome than others, especially if they were steeped with prejudices.

Tina crossed her arms over her chest. “I didn’t want to go home just yet, so I decided to come see you. Cheer you on.” She looked at him, a genuine smile on her face. Even in the face of her own difficulties, Tina still wanted others to do well.

Blaine returned the smile. “Well, thank you. You know, next time you have an audition, let me know. I want to be there for you as well.”

Her smile widened and she leaned her head against his shoulder. “Aww, thank you, Blaine-Blaine.”

They fell into silence as they continued to wait for Blaine’s name to be called. Applicants were called into the room and others left a while later. Blaine mentally prepared himself.
After a while, Blaine finally heard his name being called out and he stood. Tina gave his hand a squeeze. “Good luck!”

Blaine acknowledged her support with a smile before dropping her hand and entering the audition room to greet the waiting director and producer.
Blaine entered the apartment building, stretching his arms over his head. He felt energized despite the long audition process he had endured during the day. He wasn’t sure why the director of the commercial had him and the others auditioning undergo such a rigorous process for what would amount to a shot that’d only last a few seconds, but Blaine decided not to worry over it. If he got the small part, he’d be grateful, but he wouldn’t be upset if he didn’t. He had other options.

He jogged up the stairs to their apartment and unlocked the door. He slid it open far enough for him to slip past the threshold. The apartment was quiet, save for the soft music coming from behind the curtain of Blaine and Kurt’s partitioned-off room. With a smile, Blaine walked towards the black curtain, unbuttoning his cardigan on his way. Blaine parted the curtain and peered inside.

Kurt sat in the middle of their bed, his legs crossed. He held what looked like an ad in front of his face, his eyes scanning across the paper. In front of him, the bed was covered with pamphlets. Lots and lots of pamphlets. All arranged in stacks that Blaine could only assume made sense to Kurt.

“Hey,” Blaine greeted him, passing through the curtain. He threw his cardigan over the back of the chair in the corner. He sat on the edge of the bed, tucking a leg underneath him.

Kurt placed the pamphlet he held on the bed and smiled at Blaine in greeting. He pushed himself to his knees and leaned over to place a kiss on Blaine’s lips. “Hi.”
Blaine returned the quick kiss before Kurt settled back into his previous position and picked up another pamphlet. Curious about what held his fiancé’s attention, Blaine picked up one. He examined the cover before unfolding it to read the details. He glanced at the others on the bed. All promoted the pros of various apartment complexes in New York City. Blaine scrunched his brow together and looked at Kurt. “What’s going on?”

“I was thinking that you and I should move out.”

Blaine’s eyes widened. He hadn’t expected this. They had not talked about it at all yet. “What? What brought this on?”

Kurt opened his mouth to reply but Blaine jumped back in before he got the chance.

”Wait.” Blaine held up a hand. “Does this have anything to do with what happened the other day when Santana and Rachel interrupted us?”

Kurt scoffed and shook his head, rolling his eyes. “Ugh. No.”

Blaine tilted his head, lifting one brow. He didn’t believe Kurt for one second.

Kurt caught his eye, then: “Fine. Partly.”

“Kurt.” Blaine scooted closer to Kurt, a knee pressing against his. “I know it’s frustrating. God knows I feel it too, but can Rachel and Santana even afford this place on their own? I know we’ll be fine but—”

“Don’t, Blaine,” Kurt interrupted, eyes narrowed. “It is more than frustrating. For the last month and a half, Santana has done everything she can to make it as difficult as possible for us to even have dinner alone, forget anything more.”

“Yeah, but…”

“Blaine.” Kurt’s voice was sharp, demanding Blaine’s undivided attention. “As much as I adore your need to put other people’s needs above your own and help people, we need to think about our future. You and me. No one else.”

Kurt shifted to face Blaine more comfortably and took Blaine’s hands in his, intertwining their fingers. “We’ve been together what? Six years?”—they never counted the time they were broken up, they had never truly moved on from one another—”Engaged for four. Wasn’t this the plan anyway? The one we came up with to appease my dad when we got engaged in the first place? That we’d move out on our own once you graduated college? And get married then rather than earlier? Now, I know you’re a college dropout but if you stayed in, you’d be graduating in a month so…”

Blaine rolled his eyes at Kurt’s comment about his educational status. He had dropped out when the work he began to find in the New York film industry interfered with his classes at NYADA. He had a difficult time keeping track of everything. However, Kurt enjoyed teasing him about it.

Kurt took a deep breath. He studied their hands, fingers laced together, and stroked the back of Blaine’s knuckles with his thumb. He glanced at him and grinned, coyly. “I just want to be able to spend time alone with my fiancé without it being punctuated by either Rachel or Santana. I mean, think of how much more we could do without with them around.”

To illustrate his words, Kurt pushed forward and pressed his lips against Blaine’s. Blaine gave in immediately, eyes fluttering shut. He parted his lips, allowing Kurt to deepen the kiss. Kurt’s tongue traced his lips before sliding along Blaine’s tongue. It was a familiar kiss for the two of them but that didn’t mean the rush Blaine felt had lessened. Kissing Kurt would never grow old.

Blaine mumbled against Kurt’s lips. “Okay. I must admit you do present a compelling argument.”

Kurt pulled back and flashed a coquettish grin. “So… is that a yes?”

Blaine nodded. “Yes.”

Kurt sighed with relief, his body relaxing. As he restacked the pamphlets on the bed, he confessed, words rushing out of his mouth. “Good, because I already talked to the girls and they said they’ll be okay financially since I knew that would be your primary concern.”

Blaine shook his head. “Wait. You already talked to them? Then why are you acting as though this was something you just thought of?”

Kurt shrugged sheepishly, glancing up from the stack that he kept trying to straighten. “Because I realized that I made the decision before without including you so I wanted to fix it?” His voice rose in pitch, making the statement a question.

Blaine stared in silence.

Kurt caught his eye and sighed. “I know! I’m sorry! I know I said I wouldn’t do that anymore but—”

“Well, in that case,” Blaine interrupted. “I get to plan the wedding.”

Kurt gasped, his jaw going slack. “Wait! What? No, Blaine. That is just… No.”

“What? You think I’m going to intentionally ruin it? Don’t worry. I’m not going to embarrass you, Kurt. It’s my wedding, too.” Blaine couldn’t help but feel slighted that Kurt didn’t appear to believe him capable of planning their wedding, the day he had looked forward to since his senior year of high school. Of course, it would be as perfect as Blaine could make it. It had to be.

Kurt sensed Blaine’s slight offense and rushed to reassure him. “It’s not that I don’t think you can do it, Blaine. It’s just… I’ve been planning weddings since I was two. I already have a color scheme picked out and besides, you planned a big elaborate proposal. I should plan the wedding.”

Blaine gave a short laugh. “Um, if I recall correctly, you turned me down when I did that.”

“Because your timing was horrible.”

“And then you asked me. I said yes and here we are today.” Blaine reached for Kurt’s hands, seeing his niggling disappointment and concern that he wouldn’t be able to plan the wedding. “How about a compromise?” Blaine suggested. “How about we plan the wedding together?”

Kurt made a show of considering Blaine’s compromise, a finger pressed to his lips, eyes looking towards the ceiling. Blaine smiled at his antics, amused at Kurt’s playful side, and waited for him to agree.

After tapping his lips several times, Kurt dropped the act, turning to Blaine, smiling. “Okay. Deal. And I promise I won’t exclude you from the apartment search.”

“Thank you.” Blaine grinned and placed his hands on the sides of Kurt’s face, holding him still so he could lean in and kiss him with an exaggerated ‘mwah!’

Kurt giggled. His eyes sparkled as he looked at Blaine. “We’re really gonna do this.”

Blaine found Kurt’s excitement to be contagious and he giggled as well, his wide smile crinkling the corners of his eyes. It was going to happen. He and Kurt were going to be one step closer to spending forever together officially, in the eyes of the law. “Yes. Yes, we really are.”

Blaine pressed a kiss against Kurt’s lips once more. Kurt tilted his head back and parted his lips, deepening the kiss. Kurt linked his arms around Blaine’s neck, urging him to scoot closer. Blood rushed through Blaine’s veins, his heartbeat raced in his ears. The adrenaline swept over him, the excitement over their new plans and the feel of Kurt pressed against him overwhelming him. Blaine broke the kiss and moved his lips along Kurt’s jaw, pressing soft kisses down his neck. He whispered in Kurt’s ear. “Are we alone right now?”

“Um…” Kurt mumbled, distracted by Blaine nibbling the sensitive skin at his throat. Blaine bit the tender mark he had left seconds earlier. Kurt sucked in a sharp breath of air, tilting his head further to the side. He swallowed thickly. “Yes.” He shuddered under Blaine’s kisses, his voice distant.

Blaine nodded before he pushed Kurt back against the pillows on the bed. He shoved the pamphlets to the edge of the bed, not caring if he disorganized Kurt’s methodology. He only wanted—no…he needed Kurt. Blaine held himself over Kurt and looked down at him, a rush of arousal flooding through him at the sight of Kurt’s darkened eyes, heaving chest and flushed skin. Blaine smirked before lowering his lips back to Kurt’s throat and breathing in his heady scent. Kurt moaned, reaching for the back of Blaine’s head to hold him close. Blaine worried the skin at his neck, licking and sucking. “Let’s take advantage of it.” He clarified his meaning by lowering his hips against Kurt’s, grinding against him. “Finish what we started the other night. While we can.”

A broken moan escaped Kurt’s mouth. He nodded, his movements jerky. “Oh, God, yes. It’s been too long.”

Blaine pushed himself up, ignoring Kurt’s protests, and straddled him. He rolled his hips, feeling Kurt’s hardening cock against his own, straining in the confines of his pants. Blaine tugged his shirt off and tossed it to the floor. Kurt fumbled with the buttons on his shirt. Blaine helped Kurt sit up long enough to tug his arms free of his shirt so he could throw it to the side. At the sight of Kurt’s pale skin, a renewed heat rush through Blaine. He leaned down, tongue darting out to taste his skin. Blaine took his time, trailing kisses down Kurt’s chest, tongue twirling around his nipples, to his stomach, his sides. He made sure to place a kiss on every inch of exposed skin on his way to Kurt’s still-clothed hips.

Hovering over the bulge at the front of Kurt’s pants, Blaine smirked. Kurt gulped in anticipation. Blaine locked his eyes locked on Kurt’s and lowered his head, mouthing along the outline of Kurt’s hardened cock.

“Oh, God,” Kurt groaned. Blaine pressed the heel of his hand against him and rubbed. Kurt jerked his hips into his touch. “Blaine!”

Blaine reached for the button and zipper of Kurt’s pants, rushing to unfasten them so he could tug them down his hips and off his legs onto the floor. Blaine pulled Kurt’s underwear off next, his cock bouncing against his lower stomach. Blaine took him in his hand, his grasp gentle, and licked along the underside of his cock.

Kurt panted, his breaths harsh. He clenched the sheets at his side, his knuckles white. Blaine continued to lick along his length, his tongue flicking along the slit at the head. Kurt struggled to keep his hips still. Blaine wrapped his lips around the head of Kurt’s cock and sucked.

A strangled cry left Kurt. He released the sheets and tangled his hands in his hair, his grip tight. The muscles in his stomach tensed as he fought to remain still while Blaine teased him, licking and sucking.

The sight of Kurt beginning to lose control sent a rush of arousal straight to Blaine’s own cock and he rutted against the bed, trying to give himself some of the friction he desired. He tightened his hold on Kurt and pumped his hand around him. He smirked before taking a deep breath. Blaine sunk his mouth around him, not stopping until he felt Kurt nudge the back of his throat.

Kurt moaned loudly. “Oh, my God…”

Blaine held still for a few seconds before he released him. Once again, he flicked the tip of his tongue along the slit on the head of Kurt’s cock. Kurt’s hands flew from his hair to the back of Blaine’s head and he tried to direct his cock back into his mouth. But Blaine resisted, instead pulling away until Kurt released him. Kurt muttered in protest, the quiet words indistinguishable. Blaine returned to teasing Kurt, watching him fall apart underneath him.

“We probably—” Kurt swallowed thickly when Blaine took his length inside his mouth once more. “Oh, God. We…We should… probably hurry.”

Blaine ignored him, hollowing his cheeks and sucking as he lifted his mouth off him. Blaine gently stroked his length, teasing him with his tongue.

Kurt groaned. He pushed himself to his elbows and glared at him, eyes narrowed. “Stop…torturing me. Psychic…third eye. She’ll interrupt.”

Blaine chuckled. “That’s a bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think, Kurt? I am hardly torturing you.” He sucked one of Kurt’s balls into his mouth, a knowing smirk on his face.
Kurt cried out, hips squirming. “Blaine!” He exclaimed. “Please… stop before I come.”

Relenting, Blaine pulled away and sat up. Kurt panted, head rolling from side to side, eyes squeezed shut. Blaine’s cock twitched at the sight. The urge to feel Kurt against him, skin to skin, overwhelmed him. He moved his hands to the waistband of his own pants. Buttons unsnapped and zipper pulled down, Blaine struggled off the bed and to his feet.

Kurt watched Blaine kick his pants and underwear off his legs and moved his hand to stroke his own cock. Eyes drawn to Blaine’s hardened cock jutting out from his body, Kurt licked his lips and sat up, grabbing Blaine’s hips. He lifted his eyes to Blaine’s and grinned like a Cheshire cat. Before Blaine could say anything, Kurt took Blaine into his mouth, forgoing any sense of teasing. A long moan escaped Blaine as he felt the head of his dick hit the back of Kurt’s throat. Kurt pulled back to tease the head of his cock before he lowered his mouth around him again, bobbing his head. Kurt wrapped one hand around the part of Blaine his mouth didn’t while his other hand moved around his own cock.

As Kurt continued to suck him, Blaine reached over and pulled open the nightstand drawer and grabbed the lube and condoms. He tossed the condoms on the top of the nightstand. He pulled away from Kurt’s eager mouth with some reluctance and pushed him back against the bed. Blaine clambered after Kurt, retaking his position over him, straddling him. He uncapped the lube and squeezed some on his hand. He moved his hips, his cock sliding over Kurt’s, the head catching the underside of Kurt’s. Kurt gripped Blaine’s hips and he tried to urge Blaine to move faster, panting underneath him. Blaine reached down and wrapped his hand around the both of them, spreading the lube around their cocks. He continued to thrust his hips, hand moving along both of them.

Kurt moaned, fighting to keep his eyes open. Breathing ragged, Kurt reached for the lube and drizzled some on his hand. He joined his hand with Blaine’s and together they stroked their cocks. Blaine leaned down to kiss him, dirty and clumsy, teeth clacking together, tongues and breaths intermingling. Blaine pressed his forehead against Kurt’s. Blaine muttered against Kurt’s lips, his voice breathy. “Who cares if she shows up. She can’t complain. We’re in our own bed. Both consenting adults…I can’t…I won’t be able to stop.”

Kurt nodded. “Me neither. Want you so bad.” He grabbed the lube again and squirted more onto his fingers. He reached behind Blaine and pressed a finger at his entrance. At Blaine’s nod, Kurt pushed inside, his touch gentle.

Blaine gasped. He released his grip on their cocks and braced himself against Kurt’s chest. He rocked against Kurt’s hand. God, it had been far too long. He hadn’t felt Kurt inside him for over a month. Interruption after interruption from pesky roommates and differing schedules made finding time to be alone difficult. Before, they had never had trouble finding time to be alone, but now, with Blaine’s unpredictable schedule and Kurt spending long hours toiling away with Isabelle working on her new line, time together was a rarity. Finding it uninterrupted, rarer still. Blaine missed him, he missed feeling Kurt’s body underneath him, over him. He missed Kurt’s toned muscles rippling under his fingertips as he moved against him, in him. But he missed the emotional connection the most; it was never just sex between them. Never. It was the physical expression of their love. But now being so close again, Blaine felt the connection between them strengthen, soothing his soul. They were too far gone to let anything or anyone stop them this time.

Kurt continued to work Blaine’s body open, his long fingers pressing inside him, searching for the spot that would send sparks throughout Blaine’s body. After a few minutes of pushing in and out, Kurt angled his hand just right and a harsh gasp tore from Blaine’s mouth, pleasure surging through him. Blaine rocked back against Kurt’s hand, urging him to continue. “Right there, right there,” Blaine muttered, head thrown back, eyes closed.

“Oh, Blaine.” Kurt watched Blaine pleasure himself on his hand with wide eyes, mouth agape.  He grasped Blaine’s cock and stroked him. “You are so gorgeous like this.”
It wasn’t enough. Blaine needed more. A lot more. Blaine whimpered. “Need you inside me. Now. I’m ready.”

Kurt nodded jerkily. “Oh, God, yes.” He released Blaine’s dick and carefully removed his fingers from his body. He reached for the condoms on the nightstand. He grabbed one and fought to open the package with his lube-slick fingers, growing more frustrated by the second.

Feeling the same frustration, Blaine grabbed the foil package from Kurt’s hand and tore it open. He rolled it on him and slicked Kurt’s cock with more lube. Blaine positioned himself, lining Kurt’s cock up to his entrance, and sunk down, bit by bit, inch by inch, until he was settled against his hips. They both moaned at the feeling of being joined together after so long. Blaine took several deep breaths, waiting for his body to adjust to the feeling of being stretched open once more.

“Move, Blaine,” Kurt ordered after a moment, his voice strained. “Please, move.”

Blaine balanced himself by placing his hands on Kurt’s chest. He rocked against him, rolling his hips, feeling Kurt’s cock moving inside him. But soon, Blaine’s slow and deliberate moves weren’t enough for Kurt. Growling, Kurt locked his arms around the back of Blaine’s neck and tugged him forward, stilling him. Kurt placed his feet on the mattress and thrust up inside Blaine. His rapid thrusts forced Blaine to jerk forward and he braced himself by pressing his hands on the bed at the sides of Kurt’s head.
A long broken moan escaped Blaine as the new angle caused Kurt’s cock to brush along his prostate, sending shocks throughout his body every time he pushed inside. Panting, Blaine kept his eyes on Kurt’s as he thrust up into him, quietly urging him on, to push harder, to make him feel it.

Kurt pulled Blaine down for a kiss, sucking his lower lip, and rolled them over, still buried inside him. Blaine hitched his legs around Kurt’s waist, heels pressing into his ass. Kurt pulled his hips back before driving back inside, his balls slapping against Blaine’s ass. Kurt continued to thrust inside him, moving more hectic and more forceful the closer to the edge they both got. It wasn’t gentle, but that would come later, when they settled into the new home they would make together. Right now, they wanted to make sure the other would feel them afterwards, a tangible reminder of their love.

Blaine felt the familiar heat coil at the base of his spine and he reached for his dick. He stroked himself, keeping pace as Kurt quickened his thrusts. Their breaths grew more rapid and shallower with each forceful thrust. Blaine felt his balls tighten and seconds later, he came, crying out as he spilled over his hand and onto his chest. Kurt continued to move inside him, growing more frantic as he neared the edge. Blaine tangled his hands through Kurt’s hair and kissed him, tongue slipping inside his mouth. “Come on, Kurt,” Blaine whispered, holding Kurt’s forehead against his own. “Let go.”

Kurt gasped and slammed inside Blaine twice more. He came, a harsh cry tearing from his throat. Kurt’s hips continued to thrust shallowly, drawing out his orgasm. He fell against Blaine, who wrapped his arms around him. Together, they lay still, the pleasant hazy feeling washing over them.

His breathing returning to normal, Kurt carefully slipped out of Blaine and pulled off the condom, tossing it in the trash can next to the bed. He gave Blaine a lazy smile and returned to his arms, pressing their lips together. “God, I needed that,” he whispered.

Blaine hummed in agreement. He threaded his fingers through Kurt’s sweat slickened hair. “Yes.”

“I love you.”

“Love you, too.” Blaine kissed him.

Kurt parted his lips, allowing Blaine to deepen the kiss. They remained in each other arms, sharing lazy kisses, ignoring the stickiness between them, the cooling, drying sweat on their bodies, lost in the post-orgasmic fog.

“Oh, my God! Are you guys finally done?!”

They jumped apart, hands flying to the sheets on the bed to cover themselves. But there was no need. The voice had come from outside the curtains to their partition and those hadn’t shifted. They hadn’t heard anyone enter the apartment, but then, they had been preoccupied with each other to notice anything else.

Kurt clenched his jaw and took several long deep breaths. “Santana,” he growled through gritted teeth, his voice loud enough to be heard throughout the apartment. “What the hell are you doing here and why didn’t you leave when you realized what was going on?”

“Oh, boo hoo.” Santana’s voice filtered through the curtains once more. “Don’t get pissy with me, Hummel. I live here too, remember? I have every right to be here. Besides, it’s not like I intentionally listened in.”

Kurt scoffed. “Oh, really?”

“Yes. Really. Once I realized what was going on, I put my headphones on to listen to music but damn, Hummel, you are loud as fuck.”

“If it bothered you, why didn’t you just leave again?” Blaine asked.

“I don’t have anywhere else to be. Besides, we’re all adults here. I think I can handle it. It wasn’tthat traumatic, don’t flatter yourselves.” Her footsteps approached the curtain. Kurt and Blaine’s hands remained poised over the sheets in case she decided to violate the coveted rule of ‘curtains mean privacy’ as she had many times in the past.

But she stopped just as she reaches the sheet of black fabric. “Well, now I guess I know why you two insist on being utterly alone to let your freak flags fly. But if it’s all the same to you two, I think I’ve heard enough of Kurt’s sex noises to last a lifetime. I cannot wait until you guys move out.”

“Well, neither can we,” Kurt retorted. He turned his head to look at Blaine, a worried expression on his face. “Wait. Am I really that loud?”

Blaine chuckled and brought his lips to his, exaggerating the smacking sound, knowing that it’d have Santana cringing on the other side of the curtain. “Kurt, you make the best sounds. I can’t wait until I can hear your sex noises as often as humanly possible.”

Kurt smiled against Blaine’s lips. Then he pulled back and smirked, a mischievous sparkle in his eyes. He cut his eyes over to the curtain for a second. He turned his head back to Blaine and shrugged. “Oh, but why do we need to wait?”

Blaine’s eyes widened as he processed the meaning of his words. Drawn together simultaneously, their lips collided together. Kurt traced his hand down Blaine’s chest, his stomach, exploring lower and lower and Blaine moaned against him.

Santana gasped. “Oh, my God. Again? What are you two? Robots?”

They didn’t reply, their attention too focused on one another, continuing their kiss. Kurt’s hand slipped lower and Blaine moaned loudly.

Santana walked away from the curtains, the heels of her shoes clacking against the wooden floor rapidly. The apartment door slid open. The beginnings of another voice could be heard, higher in pitch—Rachel—before Santana halted her, telling her she didn’t want to be here. Rachel could be heard demanding answers as the door closed behind her.

And Kurt and Blaine were alone again.
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